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Kevin Lust

Financial Fitness - How To Budget Your Time, Your Money, and Your Life.

  • Disc 1
    1. Introduction
    2. The Essence Of Budgeting
    3. The Gifts Of Time And Choice
    4. The LUST System - Overview of a Life Changing Process
    5. Understand Your Objectives - Making Your Budget Choices Easier
  • Disc 2
    1. Select Your Strategies - The Questions Of Your Life
    2. Making Budgeting Easier - The Budget Notebook
    3. Planning The Planning Process - Turn Your Budget Into Plans
    4. Investing vs. Spending - Get the Greatest Return On Your Choices
    5. Type The Budget - Your Completed Plan
    6. Make Your Investment Decisions - Building A High Return Life
  • Disc 3
    1. Keeping Track Of Your Life
    2. Change Your View Of Your Finances
    3. How To Dig Out Of Debt - Repayment Strategies
    4. Live Debt Free - How To Pay Your Mortgage Faster
    5. Nurture The Seeds Of Success
  • Have you ever felt that some aspects of your life aren't as healthy as you want them to be? Have you ever wondered why your hard work and effort don't seem to provide any measureable return? Do you operate most of the time without any plan of action in your finances or in the use of your time?

    If so—you need to get financially fit! Join the thousands of individuals, families, and organizations that have adopted the planning techniques and practices presented in this program. Brought to life by international management consultant Kevin Lust, in his practical and humorous style, these action steps can make the difference in what you get from your life. To make the most of any investment, you need a plan. Kevin delivers the steps you need to make that plan reality.

    In conducting over one thousand seminars around the world and drawing on his experience as a banker, business owner, trainer, consultant, and author, Kevin Lust has seen the challenges that real people face and provided the solutions that real people use. He brings them to you in Financial Fitness - How To Budget Your Time, Your Money, and Your Life.

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    Budgeting Is Inevitable

    Investing Vs. Spending

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